Our Vision

Be India's premier independent think tank, policy advocacy platform and professional institution on police & policing. Be the ideas factory of the Indian Police.

Our Values

  • An unwavering Commitment to the Rule of Law, Human Rights, Dignity and Respect for the Individual.
  • An unrelenting pursuit of professional excellence, people-centric practices, good governance, transparency and accountability.
  • A culture of inquiry and critical thinking.
  • A rejection of the ordinary and professional mediocrity.
  • A willingness to examine existing assumptions.
  • Independence of views and constructive criticism.

Our Mission

Working for the improvement of Policing in India.

Enhancing commitment to the core principles and values of fairness, integrity and rule of law that should guide the police in their daily behaviour and actions.

Supporting the Indian Police in building competencies and striving for professional excellence

Providing an informal platform for professional discourse and generation of ideas.

Our Key Focus Areas

  • Work with stakeholders to establish highest standards of professional and service delivery standards for the Indian Police.
  • Combat corruption, professional mediocrity and misconduct.
  • Promote high quality research and foster a culture of evidence-based decision making.
  • Promote multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach to addressing complex issues of policing.
  • Policy Advocacy.