The Forum of the Indian Police Foundation and Institute meets on the third Friday of every month. Serving and retired police officers located at Delhi and those visiting Delhi are encouraged to come and participate in The Forum. The subject matter of discussion of every Forum meet will be announced in advance, so that participants can come prepared to take part in the deliberations and researchers get opportunities to present their papers.

The purpose of The Forum is to provide opportunities for members of the IPF as well as the police community to meet in an informal setting, to ponder and discuss specific subjects of interest and relevance to policing. These interactions are expected to generate and develop new, but realistic ideas and to question or challenge existing ones. Participants are thus expected to gain from diverse and rich experiences and perspectives and come up with creative solutions to problems. Periodically, external experts would be invited to speak. The IPF will provide an open and free environment that encourages lateral thinking and problem solving, opening up possibilities to break down incorrect assumptions and sparking even more ideas. Participants will be advised to approach the themes with an open mind and in a non-judgmental spirit.