08 May 2020 | Posted by Sanjay Sahay Ex IPS(ADGP)


There are law and order situations which go awry leading to injuries or deaths of police personnel. The battle against extremism is all too known. But by any stretch of imagination, the present experience of handling a lockdown is unprecedented and so are the nitty gritty of it, unfolding every day. The videos of the lathi wielding policemen to distributing food and lots of other works and emotions in between. The social media is deeply entrenched in our lives and lockdown has made it our 24/7 companion.

The enemy unseen, disciplining people, getting into the risk of contagion in a big way is a law and order situation for which they are not trained, guided or supervised with precision. Nonetheless, the results have to be delivered. The death of an ACP in Ludhiana and two Inspectors in MP throws bare the situation we are in. “In a stern order, police chief says DCPs will be taken to task for new cases.” As reported today in the Indian Express, eight policemen from Delhi have tested positive for corona. The data with regards to positive, under quarantine, isolation, serious; ventilator / ICU, deaths have to closely followed, studied and analysed both for providing the best medical attention at the earliest and second to get the patterns and act accordingly. A National Dashboard granular in nature would be a great beginning.

The protective gear has to be defined and provided for. Broadly, it has to become a part of uniform so to say, if you going for such duties, in the same manner as have for snow-capped areas, Naxalite / extremist areas or for special operations. This is a special operation. The list of the protective gear, the quality, the methods of usage and its disposal and personal hygiene to be followed should become a Standard Protocol. Is cannot just be a warning issue. Quick training has to be imparted in quality, utility and usage by the medical practitioners who are experts in protective gear. To understand with clarity will solve the major issue of infection either because faulty protective gear or faulty usage or personal hygiene.

The nuances of the area of deployment has as to be told to the personnel and their supervisory officers, from the contagion point of view. It will make him more confident in doing his duty and taking care of his area. The hours of duty as thought medically and practically viable should be adhered to. The periodicity of the test has to be decided and adhered to. This would keep the morale high and medically too, early detection would help. Policemen at medical risk, long protracted in a way, on containment jobs have to be handled differently in their own interest.



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