Covid 19: Intro, Do's, Don'ts and Resources

08 May 2020 | Posted by Swetha Bobba


Hello, here's to a little bit about myself:

I am Swetha, a PhD in Photonics (Physics) from UK and I am currently working on Biomedical applications for Cancer research. I have interned from Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Harvard, USA (in 2012) working on biopolar disorder, and I have over 13 international conference and journal publications for research works on Graphene, Nanotechnology, Lasers, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data analytics..

How did I end up at the Indian Police Foundation (IPF)?

Long story short: Upon attending few seminars by Indian Police Officer's and speaking to them, I came to know about the challenges faced by the Police in a densely populated country like India that can very well be curbed using a simple technology as an integration between the police and the public. This can also improve the Policing in India. Hence, I have joined IPF since I am tech-savvy and in some way can help with this technology integration.

I am a Science professional, so can I tell more about Covid-19?

Yes sure. Covid-19 is a virus that can spread from human-to-human:

  1. upon inhaling air in public (infected by a Covid-19 person) (or),
  2. by touching any Covid-19 infected surface and then touching your nose,mouth or eyes, from where the Covid-19 virus enters your body.

So what precautions should I take to reduce my chances of being infected by Covid-19 as an Indian Police?

  1. Wear a mask covering your nose and mouth always (preferably your whole face) at all times when in the public and also inside a Police Station!
  2. Wear gloves (surgical or plastic ones) to protect your hands from touching any infected surface or an infected person.
  3. Always sanitise your hands every 30 mins. with an Alcohol based hand-sanitiser (or) Wash your hands properly for 20 secs with a hand-soap. (Any soap in the market has the capacity to wash off the virus from your hands, so please do not ignore this step.)
  4. Leave your shoes, uniform and all other accessories outside the house before entering your home after the Police duty.
  5. Have a shower and do not touch anything in the house until this is done and you are clean and fresh.
  6. Build up your immunity by drinking boiled turmeric milk with pepper everyday and including super foods like ginger, garlic and all fresh vegetables with lots of green leafy vegetables in your food to boost up your immunity.
  7. Do not panic if you are infected or fear to have been infected by Covid-19. Immunity and will power can treat any disease in this world. So, take immediate action: quarantine your self and if symptoms are seen or anything doesn't feel right (to your body, mind or heart), get the Covid-19 test done immediately. If tested negative, take all the precautions as needed from pt (a) here as usual in your daily line-of-duty, and if tested positive, join the hospital designated to treat Covid-19 patients in your respective location and take the treatment immediately. Stay positive at all times and have the will power that you will be treated for this virus soon. Remember, immunity and will power can treat any virus. So boost up your immunity always.

If I need any help within the Police fraternity, how do I reach out?

We, at the IPF, have designed a Covid-19 dashboard to help all the Indian Police across different states to keep an up-to-date information of all the laws/regulations/circulars passed in the respective state(s) with help-line numbers for any immediate need. Please refer here for the Indian Police Covid-19 dashboard - Please do save this link and get back to it whenever needed. Please do email us at for any feedback or features you would like us to add to this dashboard that can be of any help to the Indian Police.

Whats next?

I will share some interesting stories going on across India to keep you motivated in these tough times. A big salute from all the commoner's like me to all the Indian Police. Jai Hind!