Youth For Re-imagining and Re-building the Police

Bring your insights and innovative ideas on re-imagining & re-inventing the Indian Police

The idea of India as a modern, liberal democracy is incompatible with a law enforcement system that was designed for the colonial times. In spite of the best efforts by many progressive officers, policewomen and men, the force suffers from a negative image problem; there has also been a steady erosion of public trust in the police & policing. The Indian Police urgently needs to re-orient itself as a citizen-centric service, working closely with the community that it serves and firmly grounded on the principles of accountability and rule of law.

One of the largest growth engines in the world, India is poised to become a global economic and political power in the next few decades. However, this exciting story of growth and transformation has not been matched by efforts to reform our archaic law enforcement and criminal justice system. And research from across the world has established that a country’s security environment has a direct relationship with its ability to meet its economic aspirations.

In spite of the complexities involved in policing a vibrant democracy, this crucial limb of governance has been one of the lowest priorities of most governments, both at the Central and State levels. Overworked, under provided and under equipped, the police across the country have been struggling to maintain public order, prevent and investigate crime and enforce the several hundreds of our social and economic legislations. Fighting terrorism, insurgency, organized crime and agrarian upheavals as well as keeping pace with the tumultuous technological and social changes are major challenges that the police faces.

Understanding the perspectives of our young citizens and tapping into their innovative ideas, creativity and insights is the primary purpose of the Youth Conclave 2018 being organized by the Indian Police Foundation (IPF). IPF calls upon our students, youth leaders, young academics, scholars, professionals and entrepreneurs – who constitute the most important section of stakeholders for reform and modernization of the police, to join this conversation.

The theme of the Conclave is: re-imagining and re-inventing the police in an environment of everevolving technologies and social changes. Identifying the long list of challenges that the police faces, as well as the exciting opportunities ahead, questioning traditional paradigms including leadership styles and organizational structures, exploring the unexplored, in terms of opportunities of integration of police with the communities that they serve, upgradation of its human capital, building partnerships with Universities and Institutions of higher learning, IT industry & corporates, leveraging the frontiers of technology and above all, creating a groundswell of public opinion for a modern law enforcement and criminal justice system befitting the idea of India.

There is no registration fee. But you will need to register in advance. Introduce yourself and write to us about your ideas. Email :